lipca 07, 2022

BoxyCharm June 2022. Unboxing.


I have been subscribing the BoxyCharm box since March this year and I must be honest that I am always looking forward to each next one. The products in the box are amazing. They exactly meet my needs, and it has happened many times that I found something that was just running out in my supplies in a monthly next box.
See for yourself what was hidden in the June edition.

A serum that has been on my shopping list for a really long time. The packaging is insane. I fell in love in it. The ingredients look quite interesting. I'm looking forward to testing! I don't know how it happened, but this will be the first Glow Recipe product that I will have the opportunity to use.

Recently, two Dominique Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes have appeared in my collection and I must admit that they are excellent quality. I have not had the opportunity to use this brand's blush yet, but from the three available variants of the creamy blush, this one suits me best. Perfect, pink, when applied it makes our cheeks look flirtatious and fresh.

I have never used accessories like this. Once upon a time, I tried tape methods a few times, but I didn't like them very much. I hope to learn how to use this invention and learn to use it correctly.

All packaging of this brand looks very exclusive. Mascara promises to be very interesting. The brush seems to be perfect for my lashes. I'm waiting for the finishing of Caliray, The Come Hell or High Water Volumizing Tubing and I will start testing this wonder.

5. Sandbar Beauty, Shadow Light Eyeshadow Primer.
I have used the shadow base several times already. Brand completely unknown to me. A very convenient applicator for applying the product. A delicate silicone texture that thoroughly covers our eyelid. Eye shadows gain intensity and durability. More about it after using the product for a longer time.

Finally, something amazing, one of the best natural eyeshadow palettes I have seen recently. My addiction to collecting shadow palettes is stronger than I am. That is why these types of wonders win my heart without any problems. The color composition is perfect. We can find warm, cool, matte and shimmery shades here, what more could you want?

There is nothing else for me to do but to thoroughly test new products and return to you with their reviews. I would also like to show you the previous editions of the boxes, how about that? Which product from this edition caught your attention the most?

13 komentarzy:

  1. o kurcze pieczone:D ale cuda!!! Chcę to wszystko xd

  2. Boxes like that are so much fun. I've had to avoid them as I don't manage to use most of the stuff I buy. :D That eye palette looks great ... so many options for making different looks!

    1. I have problem with using all stuff which I buy, too. But this box is amazing!

  3. Ale fajne te produkty! Akurat trafiają w mój gust :)

  4. Fajna paletka, lubię brązy :)

  5. Oh wow nice items and loving the palette :-D

  6. Cudowne, mnie najbardziej ciekawi maskara :) Pozdrawiam


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