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Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale Haul June 2022.


The Bath & Body Works brand has long been on my dream list. In Poland, unfortunately, some products in my opinion still have an exaggerated price, and even after price cuts, they are not as bargain as in the USA. I am so happy that I could browse the store of this brand during such a large sale. Unfortunately, I had time to visit this store only in the last week of the sale, and the choice was quite limited. However, I found a few gems that caught my attention. What landed in my shopping cart?

There are a total of 23 products in my shopping cart. I paid $63.84 and the discount was as high as $108.16. I also managed to hunt down some new items from the fall collection. You have to admit that the overall photo is very colorful.

The worst choice was in shower gels. Only these two women's fragrances remain. Of course, I took both. I also chose the Stone fragrance for my fiancé. It smells insane. I really like the packaging of these gels. The scent of Sunshine Mimosa already accompanies me while showering, and I have to admit that this is one of the best shower gels I have used.

I was only tempted to try one body mist, unfortunately when trying a few fragrances in the store, you first felt a bit of the smell of alcohol. I have to test it, and then I will decide on other variants. Furthermore, I would like to try out Victoria's Secret because I did not have the opportunity, and then I will choose my favorite body mists. There was a big selection of body lotions, and it was hard for me to make up my mind. Of course, watermelon lemonade and melon with cucumber are fragrances that are perfect for summer. The last of the variants is Firecracker POP, which I'm very curious about.

Foaming soaps were on sale for $3.50 each. A very advantageous offer. I couldn't make up my mind, and as many as 6 items were added to my shopping cart. However, some of them will be for gifts because I definitely have to stock up on new items from the Halloween collection that haunts me online at every turn.

The last are antibacterial hand gels. I love these little ones! Here, the price for 5 items is $8.00. I decided on 10 different ones. Some of them come from the new autumn collection. I really like to have one of them always with me, especially nowadays, when it allows me to get rid of bacteria on my hands without using water.

I consider shopping as successful as possible. The Bath & Body Works store is on my list of my favorites and I will check it more often. After testing, I will definitely share my opinions on the products. Which of the products are you the most interesting?

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  1. Oh wow this is so inspiring!! I have not been in B&BW in a while. I will have to keep an eye out for their sale and pick up some of these goodies!! Thanks for sharing doll!

    Allie of

  2. Wow! This semi annual sale haul looks amazing. Wonderful Post! Have a great day!
    Rampdiary | Fineartandyou | Beautyandfashionfreaks 

  3. Oh wow! What a collection!

  4. This is such a good haul. All these products look amazing. And they smell really good as well.

  5. Thanks for the great effort you've put into this blog


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